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To enhance the effectiveness of the youth committee, it is imperative to establish clear goals that will guide their efforts. One key initiative involves training and mobilizing youth by actively engaging them in community workers' clubs and encouraging their participation in the workplace's youth committee through the Youth for Social Service Programme. This multifaceted approach not only fosters a sense of community among the youth but also empowers them to contribute meaningfully to social causes. Additionally, a crucial aspect of strengthening the youth committee's impact is to conduct regular reviews of the youth programs implemented during this period. This evaluation will provide valuable insights into areas of improvement and success. Looking forward, organizing a broader youth labor conference becomes essential. This conference will serve as a platform for analyzing the youth's mentality, aspirations, and current conditions, thereby shaping the future strategy of the committee to align more closely with the needs and desires of the youth community.

Youth gathering carried out by GEFONT

Kathmandu, General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) has organized a youth gathering regarding the agenda of youth membership growth in the union and workplace. About 50 youths from the various associated unions of GEFONT have participated in the gathering.

Speaking at the gathering, Binod Shrestha, President of GEFONT said that the youth belonging to affiliated unions should be able to reap the benefit from the new technologies. He opined that age is not only characteristic of youth, it also possesses the character of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

He further stated that youth themselves should move forward to take the lead and has informed about the GEFONT’s intent to enroll as many youths in the union. He added: “Even now in Nepali society, there is a tendency to underestimate the potential of the youth–only given the place in implementation level whereas refraining them from the decision making, such tendency has to be ceased.”

He even said that there is a misconception in some youth to think politics is a bad game and opt to stay out of it. According to him, in order to improve anything, one has to be involved in it and even mentioned the issue rasing by GEFONT for class representation in politics.


While referring to the current year as the year of the General Convention for GEFONT, he said various issues should be discussed as a matter of policy and further mentioned to be policy-oriented rather than a leader in GEFONT, thus, such gathering would play a crucial role.

The gathering was organized as a workshop in which participants discussed the changes in the labor sector, its impact, the problems faced by the youth in the workplace, and the work to be done by GEFONT and its affiliate union for the growth of youth membership and leadership development.


CUPPEC Makawanpur Marks international Youth Day

Makwanpur, On the occasion of international youth Day CUPPEC-Nepal Makwanpur District youth committee has organized sanitation program within Hetauda .

The program was hosted within the hetauda sub municipality. Mr. Jitendra Bista secretary of ward no has 4 Inaugurated the program as a chief guest & Mr. Rajendra Bastakoti as a special guest. In the program, CUPPEC Central Youth Committee president, Cuppec District & municipality level committee leadership has been mobilized. 

According to Cde.  Rajendra Lamsal, president of the CUPEC Nepal District Youth Committee, the sanitation program, has started at 7 am and concluded at 10.30 am.

Young workers celebrates International Youth Day

Kathmandu, on the occasion of International Youth Day GEFONT affiliates NIHWU & UNITRAV has jointly organized program. UNITRAV & NIHWU both of them are internationally affiliated with the IUF Global Trade Union; the event was organized at the Nepal Tourism Board hall. 

Guest of the program and President of NIHWU Cde. Surya Bahadur Kunwar said that the working  area of UNITRAV and NIHWU is  the same both unions working in  tourism sector so that there was a need for cooperation among workers working in the same sector.

Speaking as a guest in the program UNITRAV president Cde. Suman Parajuli said that the third generation of youth in the organization has not been active yet. Inactive involvement of youth in union movement will not get the proper track in future. he further urged youth to play positive roll for visit Nepal 2020.

In the program, Cde.  Laxman Tiwari, Secretary General of NIHWU and Cde. Ram Bahadur Shrestha, General Secretary of UNITRAV urged the youth to be active in union activities. Secretary of NIHWU Cde. Tirtha Subedi, also addressed the program .

More than 70 youth has participated in the program, the program was chaired by NIHWU youth president Cde. Dinesh Ghimire.

GEFONT organizes training for youth on Labour Market & Social Security

Kathmandu, GEFONT has organized two days training on Labour market & Social Security for youth members in GEFONT regular trade union school, Anamnagar on 11-12 August 2019.

Speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural session of the training program, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha said that the youths currently in the trade union movement are the leaders of the future labor movement. He also said that GEFONT has been organizing trainings on various issues of world of work to enhance capacity of youths.

Cde. Yogesh Dahal has informed that GEFONT Vice President Cde. Ramesh Badal, General Secretary Cde. Janak Chaudhary, Education Department Secretary Cde. Beli Maya Ghale facilitated the training on the contribution based social security, Labour market & labour Act.

25 participants from different affiliate unions has participated in the training.

NIHWU Organizes Youth Training

Kathmandu, NIHWU has organized youth training for youth members on 7 April 2019.NIHWU president Cde. Surya Kunwar, Senior Vice President Cde. Banshi Bhattrai & Cde. Laxman Tiwari facilitated the training session.

On the occasion, President Kunwar has briefed about NIHWU history, Structure, Policy & Program.Likewise, Cde. Bhattarai briefed on contributory based social security & Cde. Tiwari has briefed on present labout law & regulation.

Earlier, in the inaugural session of the program, NIHWU president Cde. Surya kunwar, Vice Presidnet Cde. Banshi Bhattarai, deputy secretary general & youth in charge Cde. Dinesh Ghimere addressed.