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Innocently I was dragged to political activities since 1976. I came in touch with All Nepal National Free Student's Union popularly known as Akhil or ANNFSU (later I knew that was related to the then Communist Party of Nepal –4th Congress faction) through my primary school teacher. Due to bad public image of that Sir—I denied to be the member in 1976, when I was student of Grade 8 in Trishuli High School-a old higher secondary school of my home district.

I was fun of Ideal myth and was inspired by Mao. But really I don't know what is the Mao-Ze–Dong thought! I had very gloomy and funny idea that Lenin is the person for reform and Mao for total revolution. Thus as a teenage adventurism I had favoured Mao. The year 1976, when I heard news on Radio Nepal that Mao had died, with no reason I became sad.

In 1978, I came to Kathmandu and early 1979 joined Institute of Engineering. This place remoulded me—spontaneously, I joined student movement of 1979. Then, Referendum had been declared; I followed things what the then CPN (ML) group prescribed. Still I was ignorant and somehow under anarchist attitude. Slowly without proper attention I became one of the activists of the then CPN-ML.

I had 24th position in IOE; that was enough to join higher education in USSR. I don't know why I denied applying for scholarship; anyway it was my personal decision not to go Russia. Then I changed my track, and involved fully in Political activities. It was the year 1981.

My primary job in political movement was as courier from party HQ to different rank –n-file leaders.Then shifted to publication and design work. I stationed in a Den where senior underground leaders made it their safe shelter. Slowly I was pushed to organise political class in Lalitpur district, particularly in City and campuses. I never wished and allowed to work in student organisation; however nobody was far from student politics at that time. Then I was asked to work with Trade Unions. At that time no educated people showed their interest work on Mazdoor Sangathan (Trade Union). It was not my choice but I was offered with this responsibility.

By the year 1989, I was fully succumbed in Trade Union activities. As a political organiser I entered into the union and involved to launch a 'Giant Confederation' GEFONT as founder Secretary General. After 15 years of my service, from the 4th National Congress of GEFONT I quit from the post of GEFONT Secretary General.

From GEFONT 4th National Congress I have been elected Vice-chairman with responsibility of Planning & Research. As the chief of the GEFONT Central Planning Commission my responsibility was to carry-out research & planning work along with other commissioners. My routine work was to coordinate GEFONT’s several project as well. I had been given responsibility to represent GEFONT in numbers of labour related committees and commission of the Country including international forums.

From 5th National Congress held at April 4-7, 2009; I have been elected President of National Executive Committee. This repsonsibility was handover by my predecessor Com. Mukunda Neupane on April 30, 2009.

During the course of struggle, I have been arrested several times and jailed. In 1984 in connection with National teachers' agitation, I was arrested and sentenced for 9 months. During the time of popular movement 1990, I was one of the members of Valley Action Committee. Just 12 days after of the popular movement, I was arrested and jailed for 35 days. Similarly, I had been fully involved in Peoples' Uprising of 2006.

I have together politcal hat as well; I am one of the Politburo Members of CPN (UML)- the realistic communist party in Nepal. From the Party I have been elected in 601 member Constituent Assembly, where we are heavily engaged in to draft new constitution.

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