Rt. Honourable Mr. K P Sharma Oli, Prime Minister of Nepal, at the 108th Session (Centenary) of the International Labour Conference

Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli said that Preambular pledges of the ILO’s Constitution as the ‘moral minimum’ and urged international community to demonstrate its renewed commitment to meet and rise above these minimum labour standards. While visualizing Nepal’s agenda for decent work under the theme of ‘skilled workers, prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali’, he elaborated that democracy without economic rights and social justice remains incomplete.

He addressed the High-Level Session of the Centenary International Labour Conference in Geneva this afternoon. Prime Minister also signed the ILO’s “Golden Book” in the presence of Moussa Oumarou, Deputy Director General for Field Operations and Partnerships of ILO appreciating the ILO’s contribution over the last hundred years for a just and equitable social order.

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