GEFONT support Group Saudi Campaign to protect Ram Chandra Timilsina

GEFONT support Group Saudi has started Campaign to protect Ram Chandra Timilsina who has been in a prison in Saudi Arabia. Saudi court convicted him of a murder in an accident involving his vehicle & ruled hang till death. However, he can be release by giving Blood Money to victim's family.

Timilsina went to Saudi on 20 July, 2013 in pursuit of a job.On 23 April, 2015 April, his Vehicle hit one Pakistani citizen and he died. Timilsina was accused of being drunk while driving and sentenced in Hayal Jail, Saudi Arabia.

GEFONT Support Group Saudi Coordinator Raj Tamang said that" GEFONT Support Group Saudi has been conducting Fund Raising Campaign to support the Ram chandra with the Slogan - Our involvement in one Nepali's trouble ".

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