May Day celebrates grandly in Biratnagar

Biratnagar, GEFONT & ANTUF jointly organized May Day program in province No 1. 130th international Labor Day has been celebrated in Biratnagar.

Speaking as a chief guest, province No 1 Minister for Social Development Jiban Ghimire urged all parties to implement Implementation of Social Action Act 2074 and Labor-based Social Security Act 2074.He further said that the employer should behave positively towards the workers and workers also should be honest.  Work as per Qualification wage per work should be ensured. Saying that No workers should be discriminated in any way, chief Guest Ghimire said that the government would work effectively to implement existing law.

GEFONT General Secretary Cde. Janak Chaudhary briefed about the history of the May Day and informed about the achievement of labor movement.Similarly, general secretary Chaudhary explained why contribution-based social security scheme should be implemented effectively. He said that to balance the labour market trade unions should be active and if there is no organized and conscious work, labor market becomes unbalanced & in such a situation, the employer's attitude will be encouraged with discrimination and exploitation.

He further  urged all parties to implement the contribution based social security  effectively as it has been issued on tripartite consensus. He also informed about Status of employment, status of child labour, wage & other facilitye.

Similarly, the general secretary of the ANTUF Cde. Jagat Sintada said “If the concern organization does not follow the laws of nation, then the workers are ready to  pay any price & GEFONT & ANTUF will take a lead.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor of Biratnagar Metropolitan Municipality.Mr. Bhim Parajuli said “All Trade Unions should take initiative to implement the existing law.He further said that Biratnagar Metropolitan is positive to registration of the  workers  and Bioratnagar metropolitan will always cooperate with workers.

President of the Morang Industries corporation Mr. Bhim Ghimire & Senior Vice President of the Morang trade association senior vice president Mr. Prakash Munda also addressed in the program.

According to GEFONT province No. 1 President Kishor Dhamala more than 2,000 workers participated in the program.


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