'End corporate greed, a Pay rise the world Needs’: GEFONT marks World Day for Decent Work

To mark World Day for Decent Work (WDDW), GEFONT organises a debriefing meeting at its Head Quarter along with the office bearers and leaders from different affiliates.

"It is the 10th anniversary of the WDDW, the world day, which falls on 7 October. 'End corporate greed, a Pay rise the world needs' is the focus of this year" said GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal highlighting the importance of WDDW.
GEFONT president further explained about the slogan- Asia Fight for plus 50 USD.

Global trade union movement is worried on increasing corporate greed, GEFONT president said- gross profit of Apple is US$ 84 billion, if they just add +50 $ on the wage of hidden workforce associated with their supply chains, it will dramatically improve life of the workers, whereas there will be hardly $1 billion less on their gross profit.

GEFONT president was mentioning about 10 greedy companies, exploiting hidden workforce in their supply chain based on the information supplied by the ITUC.

In the year 2018 Nepali unions will engage with the employers to review minimum wage; and it is necessary to mobilise Nepali world of work with an argument that what will be the meaning for Nepali workers of plus USD 50 (NRs 5000 per month) top of the existing minimum wage.

GEFONT president said, the JTUCC family is about to launch indicative survey to prepare a fight to increase minimum wage by the 1st quarter of 2018.

On the occasion GEFONT department of publication and communication demonstrated the Nepali version of materials published in English by the ITUC.


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