WHOLE Industry Trade Union Enterprise Committee's 4th Convention Concludes

WHOLE Industry Trade Union K.B Sam Aluminum Pvt.Ltd. 4th Convention has been concluded in Jitpur, Bara. The convention has elected 7 members Committee for 2 years under the presidency of Jit Bahadur Chaudhary. And Binod Sahani and Pramod Rai were elected as Vice President & Secretary.

ikewise Hari Narayan Raut and Manmaya Dhital were elected as GEFONT Representatives. Newly elected leaders and Members have taken Oath from WHIN Central Member Gita Bhandari.

Speaking in the program Chief Guest Cde. Anand Thami highlighted about the labour rights and proposed Labour Law. During the program, WHIN Central Members and GEFONT Representatives extend the warm wishes to the newly formed committee.

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