Role of Trade Union is Crucial in Political and Social Transformation: President Bhandari

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has acknowledged the role of trade unions in Political and Social Transformation. She expressed that the role of trade unions to make harmonious industrial relations and industrial peace ultimately contributes to the economic development and prosperity of society.

Addressing the World of Work Summit as a part of 106th Session of International Labour Conference, President Bhandari said "We should create an environment for sharing best practices and promoting innovative ideas to make work more dignified." President Bhandari  underlined the progress made by Nepal in the front of women’s participation and representation in politics as well as in the world of work and  highlighted the efforts made to address the challenges .

President Bhandari expressed her pleasure to attend the ILO Conference as the first Woman President of Nepal and thanked Organiser. She also extended her gratitude to all the member countries supporting Nepal for its election to the International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Governing Body.

President informed that Nepal was on a transition from conflict to peaceful political transformation alongside the endeavours to transform from conservatism and outmoded social structures. Nepal’s journey towards social transformation is continuing.

The President said "Compared to situation few decades ago, women are more educated and trained now, they have better access to labour market; they represent in increasing number in parliaments and have more leadership role in governments and enterprises. But the goal towards realising full gender equality is yet to be achieved."

“I am deeply touched by the weep of migrant women workers in vulnerable situation and their abuse and exploitation. Continued existence of some of the worst forms of labour and modern day slavery in the form of human trafficking and the trafficking of women and girls is an affront to the human civilization. This must not be allowed to continue further. "She added

During the Speech, President also recalled her political journey as a student leader, woman activist and a trade unionist and mentioned that she had closely confronted many constraints.

She expressed happiness that in spite of the constraints imposed by weak economy and prolonged transition and challenges, Nepal has made significant strides towards achieving gender equality- be it in the world of work or in the socio-economic and political spheres. Moreover, the President said proportionally inclusive representation of women was guaranteed down to the local level. Earlier 33% women representation was guaranteed in the Parliament and now it increased to 40% women’s representation. It is mandatory constitutional requirement in local government bodies.

She mentioned that the Constitution of Nepal was founded on the ideals of creating egalitarian society based on the proportional and inclusive principles to ensure equality and social justice and eliminating discrimination and oppression in all its forms and manifestations. Likewise, she mentioned that out of eight ILO Fundamental Conventions; Nepal has ratified seven Conventions.

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