Trade Union initiates for free education to Children

With the initiation of GEFONT, Children’s of two deceased GEFONT members will get the free education till class 12. GEFONT Province No. 3 has initiated to provide the education facility to children of late Sus Bahadur Khadka and Late Shyam Tamang, members of Araniko Route Unit Committee.
Khadka & Tamag were killed in landslide at Timbure, Rasuwa on 25th July 2018.
In the meeting between dignitaries of the GEFONT Province No. 3, Members of the Union, relatives of deceased members, Local Representatives and the School Management, Schools Management have agreed to provide free education to Rijan and Rivan Khadka  Sons of late Sus Bahadur Khadka as well as  Shyaron and Sonam Tamang, Sons of Late Shyam Tamang.
Rajesh Ghimire, Principal of Milky Way Boarding School and  Mohan Malla, Principal of Ambassador Boarding School, told that they were not aware of sad incident  and  Committed that School is responsible for  free education to the Children .
GEFONT this initiation has been good example in that society, Union is always there to support their members and families in difficulties. 

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