GEFONT President Binod Shrestha in JTUCC

Kathmandu, Cde. Binod Shrestha, president of GEFONT has been elected as president of Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JUUCC), the common forum of Nepalese Trade Unions. This is second opportunity for GEFONT to led the JTUCC.

Third Labour parliament held in Kathmandu of JTUCC has elected GEFONT president Cde. Binod Shrestha as a president for the year 2019. GEFONT has led the JTUCC under the rotation basis system adopted by the unions.

Based on membership of the unions, as the largest trade union in the country GEFONT was the founder president of JTUCC. The Labor Parliament has inaugurated by the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

Secretariat of the JTUCC presented the report & formulated the plan for the upcoming year. Speaking in the inauguration session President of JTUCC Mr. Bhiswanatha  Pyakurel said that trade unions have been struggling for the decent life of the workers & now the workers have expressed their hope of the prosperous life. He also highlighted on the labour migration issue, he urged to the government to create decent job opportunity for the youth in Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion GEFONT president Cde. Binod Shrestha Said” Through the JTUCC it could  possible to institutionalize the healthy & friendly competition between trade unions & Efforts to move forward by creating a common concept in labor market and labor policy. He said on minimum wages fixation board & CBA issues trade unions could make common approach & it helped  bring new labour law & social Security law. GEFONT President further added "implementation of social security scheme is the biggest achievement for the working class; the issue raised by GEFONT is adopted by JTUCC & became common agenda of the Nepali Trade unions.

The demand for the 10 percent representation of workers' in all government body has not yet been fulfilled by state.  Now there is a common demand of the trade union is formation of National Labor Commission to resolve the labour dispute. During the amendment process of the laws, like Bonus Act   has been reducing the benefits of the workers & it is discouraging workers.

Speaking on the occasion, President of ANTUF Cde. Ganesh Regmi expressed happiness over the issues raised by Trade Unions has incorporated in the Labor Act and Social Security Act. But still for remaining issues of the workers   JTUCC has to strengthen itself.

On the occasion, President of NTUC Mr.  Pushkar Acharya said " JTUCC itself is common forum of unity in diversity an organization to make consensus among trade unions. He emphasized that current laws are in favor of the workers & it should implement effectively. He urged the trade unions have to engage in law making process in the local government level.

Third labour parliament has adopted contemporary resolution presented by GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Janak Chaudhary.

As  a special guest Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bist, chief adviser to the Prime Minister Cde. Bishnu Rimal has also addressed the program. 


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