Quake-resistant construction training concludes

With aim of providing training for quake-resistant construction to the members of Construction workers organised by CUPPEC has been concluded in Kathmandu. There were 33 masons participated  in the training. The training was facilitated by skilled technician including engineer from Government, so participants will obtain proper certification. The training was  focus on practical exercises as well as theoretical.

Addressing in closing session of the   training, GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Bishnu Lamsal mentioned that after the earthquake, for the reconstruction work, the state needs a large number of skilled workers.

To provide skilled manpower, GEFONT contributes by providing more trained masons by upgrading skills of practicing masons as well as training newcomers in the construction sector, which if not could have migrated to Gulf States.  CUPPEC president said that CUPPEC has organised this kind of training as its goal and objective. The participants who are participating in this training should afterwards share the training in other  different places. 
This was the second phase  training organised by CUPPEC on Quake resistant .

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