GEFONT among workers wherever they are

Kathmandu, GEFONT has celebrated international Migrant Day by organizing a grand program in Kathmandu on 18 December 2018. Speakers of the program share their views on the issue of migration, even though current government paid more attention on the migration issues, still more problems left to solve.

Speaking on the occasion, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha Said “GEFONT has been organizing Nepali migrant workers in destination countries with the theme of “GEFONT is there where the workers are” GEFONT Support Groups were formed and active in destination countries & working to protect migrants workers rights  by coordinating and cooperating with the unions of destination countries”. He further added, the organizing model of GEFONT in destination country has been established worldwide as a good practice.

President Shrestha, expressed his serious concern over the increment of migration rate & death ratio of the Nepali migrant workers due to lack of the proper training and orientation. He also said, Nepali migrant workers were suffering, in their workplace accident as well as other accidents.

He also informed, GEFONT has been working to protect the rights of the Nepali workers in destination countries by signing MOU with local unions in Korea, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan. Likewise, GEFONT has been working on safe migration in the close cooperation with global union federations.

He further added that the government of Nepal should have bilateral labour agreements with the destination countries & the Nepal Embassy and the diplomatic authorities have to operate actively on the protection of Nepali migrant workers. Similarly, President Shrestha urged to create decent employment opportunities in the country, to discourage foreign employment, to invest the remittance in the production sector & voting rights from the destination itself.

Speaking on the occasion, President of the JTUCC Mr. Bishwonath Pyakurel Said “Government has to increase employment opportunities in the country to discourage the tendency of migration. He further added, the goal of present government is socialism to meet that target, decent employment should be insured within country to succeed government campaign ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’.



Likewise, President of ANTUF Cde.  Ganesh Regmi said “The trend of influencing authorities’ right after the forming the new government recruiting agencies were in ministry to register new agencies & it presented an illustration that migrant workers were cheated by recruitment agencies and couldn’t get justice. To end this tendency Government should attract youth by creating the decent employment in country. The prime minister Employment program can be one of the good options to create jobs in country

In the program, President NTUC Mr. Puskar Acharya said “However government has  been raising the  safe migration issue, in practice still we can see lack of implementation” . He further added government should take major concerns and necessary steps to discourage migration. The effective implementation of Social Security scheme can attract youth to work in country. 


Vice President & in charge of Province No 3 of GEFONT Cde. Jitendra Shreatha said “Migrant workers were cheated from the country of origin to destination country by agents. He added, generally, migrant workers are hired for the work which is considered menial, dangerous and denied by the citizens of the countries  &  Migrate workers were not getting salaries and facilities as per the agreement even though performing such a hazards work in precarious environment. The women migrant workers are facing more problems & harassments in abroad. 

He informed that GEFONT is not only organizing Nepali migrant workers in destination countries, organizing returnee migrant workers in country too. He also informed about the migrant Recruitment Adviser (MRA) website launched by ITUC.

In Experience sharing session of the program leaders of the GSG Cde. Samar Thapa, Cde. Janak BK & Cde. Raj Tamang & returnee migrant worker shared about their experiences of destination countries.

The program was conducted by GEFONT secretary Cde. Nisha Baniya &  more than 500  members were participated in the program   


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