GEFFONT helps to provide Compensation

GEFONT has helped Migrant returnee to get three hundred thousand compensation for treatment. Three Years ago, Nirodh Chaudhary from Sunsari went to Malayasia for Foreign Employment. But he returned back to Nepal from after his kidney failure. 

Chaudhary said that he was unknown about claiming compensation from Government Foreign Employment Welfare Fund, so he has to sell his land for treatment. In initiation of GEFONT, he filed application in the Foreign Employment Promotion Board and Board has provided three hundred thousand compensation to him.  Now he is having dialysis in Biratnagar.

According to GEFONT Migrant Desk Incharge & Advocate Nish a Baniya, Foreign Employment Welfare Fund was established for the social security and welfare of the workers leaving the country for employment. It requires each worker leaving the country for employment to contribute Rs 1,000 in Fund but due to lack of information many victims could not get service.  

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