GEFONT Dignitaries Meet Labour & Employment Minister

GEFONT Dignitaries have visited Labour & Employment Ministry and extended warm wishes for successful tenure of Labour & Employment Minister Gokarna Bista. During the meeting, GEFONT Dignitaries recommended Minister to give high priority to accomplish the specific labour issues.

GEFONT Secretary Ramesh Badal has requested Minister Bista, to form Labour Advisory Committee and to adopt Labour Rules urgently. Likewise he suggested to form Permanent Minimum Wage Fixation Committee, Formation of Labour Tribunal, to build policy regarding Occupational Health & Safety at workplaces etc.

Meanwhile, GEFONT has also drawn attention of the Labour Minister to adopt the Social Security Rules and Social Security Schemes soon.

During the meeting, Minister Gokarna Bista has assured that he will take GEFONT recommendations seriously. He said that “he will cooperate to solve various labour issues by discussing with Trade Unions.”

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