Contributory Security Social Security a Historical Achievement

Kathmandu, The Govenment has launched contribution-based social security scheme on on 27 November 2018. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has unveiled the contribution-based scheme for formal sector workers. 

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, said the launch of the social security scheme marks the beginning of a new era &   it is worth informing the world itself. This scheme would bring onboard all haves and have-nots, employed or unemployed and also those who lose their jobs. The scheme was launched as a part of making the state responsible for the workers and their well being. "This has ended the long-standing belief that only the government employees should benefit from the state," he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista, said that the launch of the contributory social security scheme is a new beginning for the country and will also help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. “Today is very important day for Employees & Employers this is win-win scheme for both. It will prove to be a milestone in enhancing cordial relationship between workers and employers, as per stakeholders.

In fact, the government has marked Mangsir 11 of the Nepali calendar as Social Security Day.

Speaking in the program Chief Advisor the Prime Minister Cde. Bishnu Rimal Said “This is success of the all that efforts of Nepalese Trade Unions of one an half decades. There always discussion on Rights & Responsibilities & the both issue was address by Contributory Social Security. He further said this scheme will also help achieve the government’s vision of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. GEFONT Parton Cde. Rimal Recalls since 2004 GEFONT along with NTUC has started the joint Campaign & Slowly other Trade Unoins & Employers also agreed & join the campaign. The journey to success is always under construction & if we all put our join effort the scheme will cover the informal sector, Daily wage workers also.

Speaking on the occasion, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha Expressed happiness that the demand raised by GEFONT has been fulfilled.  He Said “Contributory social security is base toward the Socialism. He further added that the social security Schem which has helped to protect from Maternity security to dependent family security will give significant meaning in worker’s life. He thanks to the Government to unveil the much-hyped social security scheme ensuring security of workers. He urges for the effective implementation of it.

On the occasion, President of JTUCC said “Government has launched workers the most waited Social Security Scheme according to Nepal Constitution & it will bring important changes in the life of the workers”

Speaking in the program ANTUF President Cde. Ganesh Regmi Said “this scheme will help to the workers who are serving in a limited income & this scheme & Prime Minister Employment Program is encouraging Nepali Migrant workers. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Puskar Acharya President of NTUC Said” This scheme should cover the informal Sectors workers also.
Likewise, social security and create investor-friendly environment in the country. “The scheme is being introduced after the government held discussions with the private sector and we welcome this initiative,” said Chandra Dhakal, chairman of Employers’ Council and vice-president of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The workers can enjoy four types of facilities under the social security scheme, including the Dependant Family Security, the Elderly Security Scheme, the Medical Treatment, Health and Maternity Security and the Accident and Disability Security.

According to Contribution-based Social Security guidelines, to avail medical treatment scheme the contributor must have deposited their installment regularly in the Social Security Fund for at least six months; to avail health and maternity security; the contributor must have worked for 18 months and regularly deposited installments for at least 12 months.

The accident and disability security can be availed by workers a day after they deposit their first installment. Workers can also receive compensation if they are injured in the workplace or develop medical complications due to their work condition after they have worked for a minimum of two years and deposited all installments on a regular basis. According to guidelines, workers will be eligible for pension 15 years after they start regular contribution to the fund.

Except the workplace accident In the case of the accident 7 lakhs rupees for the treatment compensation will cover by SSS. However, Social Security Scheme will not cover for Natural disaster &  road accident and in the case  if the other insurance has provided facilities” said Mr. Mahesh Dahal .

Under the Dependent Family Security Scheme, husband or wife of the deceased employee is entitled to get pension until death on the basis of 60 percent of basic salary earned by the deceased employee. Additionally, an offspring of the deceased will get 40 percent of educational scholarship. Under the Elderly Security Scheme, an employee will get pension until death after his or her retirement from job.

As per the scheme, from May 22, private sector employees will have to mandatorily contribute 11 per cent of their basic salary to the fund, while employers will have to contribute another 20 per cent of the employees’ basic salary. Once these contributions are made, employees will be entitled to compensation if they lose a job or cannot attend the workplace because of pregnancy, illness or accident.

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