Committee of the Legislature Parliament adopts Draft Social Security Bill

The International Relations and Labour Committee of the Legislature Parliament has adopted draft Social Security Bill 2072 on 13 June, 2017. Now, the Bill will be discussed in the parliament and after the parliament adopt the Bill; it will be implemented as Social Security Act.

GEFONT has  been demanding the Government & Parliament to adopt the Social Security Bill immediately and implement the Social Security Act.

According to the draft Social Security Bill, workers have to contribute 11% in Social Security Fund and Employers need to add 20% in the Fund. Now, workers have been contributing 1% as social security tax, so after implementation of the Fund, workers need to add 10% in it.

To cover the informal workers or self employed by the Social Security Fund, there is also provision that Government will add certain amount in the Fund for the informal workers, who contributed in Fund. But workers, who are not contributing in Social Security Fund, will not get any facility through Social Security Fund.


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