GEFONT Support Group establish in Chennai India

GEFONT along with Migrant Nepali Association and India Tamil Nadu- Pudocherry Joint State Committee have organised Training on Migrant Workers situation & Trade Union in Chennai.

GEFONT Vice President Bidur Karki & ILO Governing Body Member Binda Pandey trained participants about GEFONT & Migrant Workers, ILO Standards on Migrant Workers etc.

During the Training, Krishna Paluwa- Migrant Nepali Association Said "Nepali Migrant workers in India have been facing the identity problem, therefore diplomatic initiation needed to use Nepali Citizenship as National Identity Card." "There are no rules & regulations regarding domestic work, no fix wage and Nepali workers even don't get weekly holidays" He added.

Likewise, speaking in the Program, Guru Sharma- Founder of Migrant Nepali Association India said "We have been reporting Nepali Migrants workers problem to Nepali Embassy in India. We are also trying to work with local Trade unions but couldn't succeed."

Meanwhile, 11 members GEFONT Support Group Adhoc Committee have been formed under the Convenorship of Indra Poudel.

The Training was conducted under the Presidency of Krishna Prasad Pokharel- President of Migrant Nepali Association, Tamil Nadu - Pudocherry Joint State Committee.

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