GEFONT Play Vital Role to Establish Democracy in Nepal: Former Prime Minister Oli

GEFONT 7th National Congress Delegates Council has been concluded during 20-21 July, 2017 in Kathmandu. Inaugurating the programme on first day, President of CPN-UML and Former Prime Minister K.P Oli recalled the contribution of workers lead by GEFONT to establish Loktantra (Democracy) in Nepal.  He said that "GEFONT has reached in policy making level as many Trade Unionist have been elected in the local level election."

He highlighted that after the political changes in Nepal, CPN-UML has way forward with agenda of development & prosperity of the Country; but opposition parties made conspiracy to dissolve the then CPN-UML Government. He stressed that Political Parties in the current Government are mostly focused to secure their positions rather than any development perspective. He further informed that, Constitution amendment proposal was to divide the Country but CPN-UML has strongly opposed it, so that they could not succeed to amend the Constitution. He further informed, though some parties have been spreading negative message against the CPN UML party but CPN UML is determined to protect National sovereignty. He expressed happiness that Nepali Citizens has understood it & also proved that they are along with CPN-UML. He expected that after the recent local level elections, Provincial & National level election will be held soon and no one can escape from Election as it is mandate of New Constitution.

During the programme, Former Prime Minister Oli also felicitated recently elected local level Representatives. He directed all elected Representatives to work for development of their local area and welfare of local people being Representative of Nepali Citizen rather than being Representative of CPN-UML or GEFONT.  GEFONT's 250 Members have been elected in local level Election recently.

Addressing the programme, GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal welcomed all Delegates and said "Previously we have been fighting for Democracy and now we are fighting within Democracy." He expressed hope that the Labour Law & Social Security Act under discussion will be declared within a month and a lot of workers will be benefited by it. He  also expected that the Labour Inspection system will be implemented. He informed that Registration of workers, is major agenda raised by the GEFONT.

Addressing the programme, GEFONT Congress Delegates Council Chief, Mukunda Neupane said " Now 250 Members of GEFONT have been elected in local level Election and expected 1000 Members to be elected within 5 years."  He added "after long initiation, we are able to create good relation between entrepreneurs and workers and expected that it will support for the economic developmental of the Country."  As Nepal has been restructured in new federal States, he aware everyone that in the name of federalism there may be effort to make Regional,  Ethnic or Caste based Trade Unions which will make the Trade Union Movement Weak.

Likewise, CPN UML Secretary Gokarna Bista extended best wishes to the newly elected Local Representatives. Recalling GEFONT contribution to establish Loktantra in Nepal, he said  GEFONT has significant history. He also appreciated improved relationship between employer & workers and suggested to enhance the relation with new perspective. He requested GEFONT to lead the movement with new initiatives to make the Country Independent as well.

Speaking in the Programme, Deputy Member of ILO Governing Body, Binda Pandey expressed gratitude that 250 GEFONT Members have been elected in local election. She urged all elected local level Representatives to raise the Social Security, Registration of informal workers etc as priority issues.

Likewise, ILO Nepal Country Director Richard Howard said that "GEFONT effort for safe migration and migrant workers rights is vital and it should be learned by other Union as well." He  highlighted that  ILO has been supporting Trade Unions for Decent Work Agenda and will continue cooperation  in future too.

On the occasion, Members of GEFONT who have been elected in local level Election recently were felicitated as well as different Awards were distributed to Trade Unionists.

GEFONT  Congress Delegates Council Chief, Mukunda Neupane and GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal handed over  Madhav Neupane Memorial Award to ITWAN Kaski President Bishnu Khatri, recognising his role to strengthen organisation. Likewise Nuru Wangchhu Sherpa Award was provided to Raj Tamang, recognising his role to expand GEFONT in Saudi Arabia and rescue operation in Saudi.

Similarly, Ganga Devi Memorial Scholarship award was handed over to Durga Devi Upreti from Kaski and Ganga Devi Memorial Health Treatment support was provided to Durga Prasad Dewan of CG Foods.

200 Delegates throughout the Country have participated in the GEFONT Congress Delegates Council.


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