Nepal Government has adopted Labour Rule 2018

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on 27 May, 2018 has adopted the Labour Rule 2018. Labour Rule is mandatory to implement the New Labour Law adopted last year,  thus Labour Rule 2018 has further clear the provisions of Labour Law 2017.

Labour Rule 2018 has made provision of Labour Audit. GEFONT has been demanding for Labour Audit since long time. GEFONT Vice President Cde. Ramesh Badal said that “Labor Audit will help Employers to examine if they have fulfilled labour standards and provide opportunity to improve themselves.”  He also expressed hope that it will help to create sound labour relation.

Labour Rule 2018 has provision of payment of wage and other facilities through banking system. Cde Badal informed that this system will end workers problem of not getting wage & other payment on time as well as control the tax evasion by high earners. 

There will be particular system for domestic workers as well. Now domestic workers will get 12 days paid leave yearly and paid leave weekly. Likewise, Labour Rule has provision to manage the labour suppliers. Till now there are 3100 labour suppliers in Nepal and to regulate labour suppliers, Labour Rule has made provision of compulsory registration to open those types of organisations and make deposit of at least 1.5 Million. 

According to the Labour Rule 2018,  Employers must contribute for Employees Provident Fund and Gratuity unless the contributory based Social Security Act implemented. 

Similarly, Labour Rule 2018 has provision for Occupational Safety and health as well as formation of Collective Bargaining Committee.


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