​GEFONT- TUPI organises an Interaction Programme on Budget 2018-19

GEFONT Trade Union Policy Institute has organised an Interaction programme on Budget for fiscal year 2018-19. Speaking in the programme, GEFONT Parliamentary and Local level Coordination Committee President and MP Mukunda Neupane said that “budget for fiscal year 2018-19 presented by Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada has wide feature for the development of the socialism oriented economy and made basis for decent work & food security to all citizens.” 

Likewise, GEFONT Policy Institute President and PM Binda Pandey expressed that the proposal of special training for woman workers has positive expect that Budget has addressed the  development of self employed woman and equal pay for equal work perspective. 

ANTUF President Ganesh Regmi said that Proposal of establishment of Industrial Zone, Economic Zone and Special Economic Zone in all Provinces have positive aspect for employment creation and need to manage workers residential places in those Areas.

Speaking in the Programme, GEFONT Vice President Ramesh Badal said that “Proposed Budget has been positive as it has announced system to provide basic skill training to workers going for Foreign Employment, Online form for work Permission, Investment of Remittance in Productive work, prioritize  Agriculture etc .” 

GEFONT Vice President Bidur Karki expressed that workers rights must be guaranteed while making Industrial Zone, Economic Zone and Special Economic Zone in all Provinces.

During the Interaction Programme, Leaders of GEFONT, ANTUF, CoNEP and Member of Parliament have made conclusion about positive perspective of Budget for fiscal year 2018-19 to achieve Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepalese Mission.

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