Geneva Global’s Delegation Meet GEFONT Leadership

Geneva Global’s 17 Members Delegation Team have visited the GEFONT Office in Putalisadak . They are in Nepal to study about the GEFONT activities to protect the Migrant Workers. The Delegation included Representatives from Non Government Organizations’ working to protect Ethiopian Migrant Workers.

GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal has welcomed all Representatives and informed about the GEFONT roles to protect Migrant Workers in cooperation & coordination with Labour Attachee & Embassy, and Trade Unions in destination Country.

Representatives from Geneva Global expressed curiosity to know about GEFONT role & activities to protect Migrants workers abroad.  GEFONT Foreign Department Secretary Ramesh Badal highlighted about the policies, legal aspect and organisational work to protect the Migrant Workers. He also informed about GEFONT Support Group formation and their functions in destination countries.

Ethiopian Delegation Team expressed that Nepal’s Experience to protect Migrants workers will be fruitful for them as the Migration has been increasing from Ethiopia to Middle East.


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