​GSG Saudi handovers eleven hundred thousand to rescue Prem Rai

GEFONT support Group (GSG) Saudi Arabia has provided  11 hundred thousand to rescue Prem Rai. Organising the Programme in GEFONT HQ in Pulatisadak,  GEFONT newly elected Secretary General Com. Janak Chaudhary hanovered 11 hundred thousand to Mrs. Sarita Rai, Wife of Prem Rai and Mr. Chandra Singh Kulung, Coordinator of Prem Rai Rescue Committee. 

Receiving the amount, Mrs. Sarita Rai and Mr. Chandra Singh Kulung heartly thanked GEFONT for the financial support to rescue Prem Rai. Mr. Chandra Singh Kulung has also informed that 70 hundred thousand has been collected and he expected the Nepal Government to support remaining amount.

Speaking in the  programme, GSG Saudi Coordinator Raj Tamang has requested various organisations and individuals to support the victim financially with the  amount which they had collected  in different other Campaigns. 

During the Programme, Wife of Victim Kumar Rana has also requested to rescue her husband Kumar Rana who has been sentenced to Jail since 8 months on fake Charge of Road Accident. 

Kumar Rana from Gorkha has been sentenced to jail for the past 8 months. His parked vehicle was hit by another Vehicle. After the Accident, he worked 1.5 Years for the Company  . But afterwards the Police arrested him on fake charge and is facing jail term with penalty of 280,000 Riyal.

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