Achievement of the Nepalese Trade Union movement set an example in world; Prime Minister Oli

Kathmandu, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said” The trade union movement of Nepal has done appreciable work for the class based unity & national unity. The work done by Nepalese Trade Unions through common platform JTUCC is good model for the world”

Inaugurating The JTUCC Third Labor Parliament held in Kathmandu, on 28 December 2018, Prime Minister Oli said that the JTUCC labour Parliament is like a parliament of the country and it is more matured. He also appreciated that,  the trade unions and employers came together for making laws & made a common consensus for the minimum wage.

Prime Minister Oli said “Purpose of nation has changed so movement also has to change accordingly. He also expressed confidence that the trade union movement of Nepal will be more stable in the coming days.

He further added Current government will always remain positive for their capacity & economic development. The Government is workers friendly & it always trying to fulfill workers demand & if there is anything need to improve, Trade Unions can submit their demand to the government & according to the law government will improvise. Prime Minister further said “Trade Union has major role in social & political change saying that the government has tried to protect the workers through social security programs.

Prime Minister Oli said that the government has been working in employment and enterprise development during this 9 months period many laws has constructed. so it is not time to disappoint. This year many of the sectors including agriculture achieving remarkable economic growth, he added.  In the past The state has been extreme dissatisfaction & now it is necessary to change it in satisfaction.

Prime Minister Oli said that no one should die in hunger in Nepal. Government has been working to bring a policy not to stop the rich people from becoming richer but to make poor people richer No one will remain poor in country & for that government has started its efforts.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said that the government is committed to control the death of people in Tarai districts during winter season. “The government has been coordinating with security agencies, local level, administration and private sector to protect the people from cold spell,” he said, adding, “No one has to die from cold from this year.
Moreover, he claimed that the main opposition Nepali Congress is trying to threaten the people by saying that the government will bring authoritarianism in the country.

Saying that he had fought for democracy for more than half a decade, he warned the Nepali Congress to not scare people by spreading the rumour of authoritarianism.

Speaking in the occasion, chief adviser to the prime minister & founder president of the JTUCC Cde. Bishnu Rimal said “The JTUCC should discuss how to move forward, he further said it  has to make a new strategy by institutionalizing the available achievements.

GEFONT patron Cde. Rimal said the current government is not formed as   the part of regular change it has formed in special situation. the present government is  indication  of New Era so many of things have been changing. In the past there were only the central parliament but now structure has changed with seven provinces and has to deal with all these level of the government so trade unions need to focus on these issues. He further highlighted that now trade unions should focus on effective implementation of the  Social Security Scheme &  Labour Audit.

Speaking on the inauguration session of the common forum of the 9 confederations of Nepal JTUCC as a special guest, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista said that the main objective of the present government is the decent life of the workers. He said that efforts were made to make a harmony between employers and trade unions in Nepal, & maturity was seen from both sides.

Minister Bista further added that Social Security scheme has been launched to assured the decent life of the working class & if there is any changes needed it can pass from the current parliament itself.

Minister Bista further informed that more than 350 companies have already completed the submission of the firms for participation in the social security scheme. The government is focusing to address the employment issue and to make assure the decent life of the working class. 

The government campaign “Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepali" is not only the government but it is the campaign of every Nepalese, saying that Bista expressed the belief that trade unions would involve actively making it succeed.

President of JTUCC Mr. Bishwonath Pyakurel, President of GEFONT Cde. Binod Shrestha, ANTUF President Cde. Ganesh Regmi, NTUC President Puskar Acharya, FNCCI representative Mr. Bharat Raj Acharya, Mr. Umesh acharya, Mr. Rajendra Acharya from UNI,  Mr. Prabhu Rajendran from FNV & Mr. Narayan Bhattrai from ILO Nepal has address the program.

Labor Parliament has also selected the forthcoming JTUCC leadership. GEFONT president Cde. Binod Shrestha as a president & Mr. Paltan Thakur as a Secretary Genera for year 2019. 

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