GEFONT 7th National Congress Delegates Council Concludes

GEFONT 7th National Congress Delegates Council has been concluded during 20-21 July, 2017 in Kathmandu.

Addressing the Delegates, GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal expressed that GEFONT Provincial Committees & Affiliates must systematically manage the information collection. He said that "Still information system has not been managed and without proper data, we could not fight ahead."

President Rimal has directed GEFONT Affiliates to design quality programme rather than focusing in quantity of programmes. He further said "Previously we have been fighting for Democracy and now we are fighting within Democracy and we should aware to make our struggle fruitful. GEFONT has been leading the Trade Union Movement in Nepal and GEFONT Cadres must be ideologically clear about it."

He expressed need of Workshop on "Federalism & GEFONT Structure" which will way forward to restructure the current GEFONT structure as per requirement.  He also requested everyone to be aware that the more levy increases the more active organisation will be.

The Council Meeting has adopted the organisational Report and future Plan proposal presented by Secretary General, Bishnu Lamsal. Presenting the organisational Report, Secretary General informed that most of the planned activities have been concluded and some are in process of accomplishment. As the Labour Law & Social Security Act is in process of declaration, he expressed hope that workers will be benefited more.

He further informed about the GEFONT initiation to increase 5% Woman Membership under "Count Us In" Campaign and will reach the target by upcoming GEFONT Congress. Likewise, target of total 13.7% membership increment set by sixth GEFONT Congress is expected to be achieved by the Congress.

Likewise, Secretary General has informed about the Campaign "GEFONT is there where, Workers are" for safe migration & migrant workers rights, under which GEFONT has successfully reached 15 countries and recently formed GEFONT Support Group in U.A.E, Kuwait. Lebanon, India etc and expand contact in Jordan.

During the Meeting, Secretary General proposed to conduct GEFONT Congress within April 2018 as per constitution and meeting has adopted the proposal. Likewise the meeting has adopted the proposal to Conduct Constitution Convention by 15 Dec, 2017 to amend the old GEFONT Constitution and make new GEFONT structure as per New Constitution of the Country. Further, the Meeting has passed the proposal of Third Youth Conference to be conducted  by 15 Jan , 2018 as well as  decided to Conduct National Woman Conference on 8  March,  2018.

To make united Trade union movement, the meeting has decided to raise the workers issues through JTUCC and ITUC-NAC.  Further, to make Labour Inspection System effective, the meeting has decided to lobby to make Local Labour Inspection Desk lead by each local level Representative.

During the meeting, GEFONT Provincial activities have been reviewed. And by group discussion, seven Provinces have submitted the recommendations on proposal presented by Secretary General.

Meanwhile, GEFONT Financial Secretary presented Financial Report and it was adopted by the meeting. Financial Secretary briefed about the all financial activities as per decision made by the sixth GEFONT Congress and current financial status.

The meeting has also adopted three points resolution on contemporary issues. The resolution, presented by Secretary Ramesh Badal, included demand to adopt the Labour Law and Social security Act immediately. Likewise, the meeting demanded to include local level Trade Union while fixing the wage through local level authority .

The meeting has further demanded to end the discrimination for contract or piece rate workers depriving the facilities like Insurance, gratuity, provident fund etc which is against the New Constitution.  

200 Delegates throughout the Country have participated in the GEFONT Congress Delegates Council.

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