Trade Unions will celebrate May Day jointly in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal's trade unions will celebrate May Day Jointly this year. The program will be organized jointly by umbrella organization of the 9 National Centers Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JUUCC).

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, CPN  Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachand), Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista, Vice President of Nepal Congress, Birendraendra Naidi will address the program.
JTUCC President Binod Shrestha said that the industries that make workers in hardship shouldn’t be need in country for the country by organizing press conference.He further said that the industry, which cann’t provide decent wage for living is not required anymore.

Speaking in the press conference organized by JTUCC on 29 April 2019 President said “Trade Unions of Nepal still have long way to go.“ he further said  that To make contribution-based social security programs unsuccessful & Employers are still trying  to maintain the exploitation system . He said that the employer has been keeping three accounts,  for employers themselves, for government & for workers and  the  social security program stopped  such a  mischief by launching the Social Security system so that employers  hesitating to go for the registration.

Furthermore, President Shrestha said “despite any good law, if it could not be effectively implemented it won’t bring change in workers life. He further urged government to implement the law effectively and for that, workers will always be supporting the government to launch the social security campaigning throughout the contribution-based social security programs. He said that workers should be given priority to the prosperity Nepal Happy Nepal Campaign to make it meaningful, he also urged the employers to support it which they have already accepted.

He said that that the demand of 10 percent workers representation in the state bodies is still not fulfilled, saying that, for that demand all the trade unions are raising voice from the same forum & in future also trade unions will keep raising the voice through the JTCUU forum jointly. Likewise, the JTUCC will raise the priority of labor registration system at the local level.

Speaking at the press conference, President Shrestha said that according to the law no worker will deprive of minimum wage anymore. While the workers of the tea plantations are still being ignored & not getting minimum wage so that tea workers have been agitating.  He further informed that some tea plantation employers are ready to implement minimum wages; they said they could not speak openly due to curtailing.


Speaking on the occasion, Nepal Trade Union Congress President MR. Pushkar Acharya said that no one has rights to violate the law. He further said that it was dishonest not to implement agreed wage as per consent.  Acahrya said that trade unions are demanding effective implementation of the minimum wage & social security.

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