The country cannot develop by sending youth in abroad; President Shrestha

Kathmandu, GEFONT President Binod Shrestha said that the country can’t develop by sending youth in abroad, it is necessary to create employment opportunities in the country. He said that it is necessary to create employment & should make the  exits employment decent.

 Addressing in the inaugurating session of the 2 days Safe Migration Training GEFONT president Shrestha further said “GEFONT has been working for the dignified & secured foreign employment.   He also informed about the GEFONT initiation to protect Nepali migrant workers working in destination countries. He further highlighted that labour laws has changed in destination countries like Qatar, Malaysia due to the continue effort of GEFONT. 

 He further said “until the foreign employment is the compulsion, we have to work to protect Nepali migrant workers rights in destination countries. If we could connect willing migrant workers with GEFONT before going for foreign employment we can protect their rights after reaching the destination country also & for that such training would be important. He also urged after learning in the training to create awareness on safe migration. 

President Shrestha further said “now the remittance investing in unproductive sector so discussion should take place for productive investment of the remittance to end the cycle of the migration.

On the occasion, GEFONT General Secretary Janak Chaudhary said that the training has organized to prepare aware cadre on   foreign employment. He further said “trained cadre can create awareness on safe migration among the willing migrant workers through their union so we have selected different sectors like construction, industry, security in the training.

The training program has facilitated by General Secretary Cde.  janak Chaudhary, along with GEFONT  Secretary  Cde. Nisha Baniya , Cde. Damodar Sapkota & journalist Sunil Neupane.

On this occasion, Cde.  Janak BK member of GEFONT migrant desk of GEFONT shares his experience of Malaysia. There were 31 participants from 7 provinces in the training.

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