‚ÄčNecessary time to be aware: Prez Rimal

GEFONT President Cde Bishnu Rimal aware trade union leaders to be prepare how to get maximum benefit from recently promulgated Labour Law and Social Security Law.  He said that many provision of these laws are beneficial for the workers, but the leadership of the union should be aware on some issues.

Talking to the Chief Guest at the ITWAN handover takeover ceremony of the new national committee of the Independent Transport Worker's Association of Nepal, Rimal urged this time in challenging time we have to be ready to face this challenge. Instead of demanding permanent appointment, he said that now it should be strengthened for the Contract of employment. Workers may not know about the employment contract so it is role of trade union leaders to alert all the workers about the importance of employment contract.

He said GEFONT affiliate union's leadership should go to every workplace in order to ensure workers to get benefit from the labour law. Similarly, incoming days members of the Parliament need to give about workers' rights and the agenda of labour sector.

Talking to another program organized in the capital, GEFONT President Rimal said that it is necessary to take the labour audit and labour inspection system strongly as per new labour law . He strongly urged the affiliate of GEFONT to inspect those industries and enterprises who do not follow the implementation of the laws in their areas. If such industries who exploit workers will be announced and listed during May Day program.

Prez Rimal said that some schemes of Social Security Act can be immediately implemented in the organized area, GEFONT will soon conduct informational campaigns. He said that training of members of GEFONT, provincial level trade union schools will be conducted.

President Rimal directs the members of GEFONT to join the election in the forthcoming elections to win the candidates of Leftist Alliance. In the local level elections, some 300 GEFONT workers have already been elected at different levels.

Similarly, in the provincial and central elections, some GEFONT workers are expected to be elected. GEFONT has been campaigning and demanding for 10 percent representation of workers in the all the elected bodies. Due to this campaign some success has been get in local level elections. GEFONT President Rimal has directs all the workers to participate in election and actively involve to win candidates of Leftist Alliance

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