WHIN Conventions conclude

Sixth WHIN Narayani Cement enterprise convention has neen concluded in Bara electing eleven member Narayani Cement enterprise committee for next two year.The convention was inauguarted by Cde. Geeta Bhandari,WHIN central committee member . The convention elected Cde. Pradeep Mahato as President Cde.Chandreswor Shah as Vice President, cde.Mahantha Mahato as Secretary, cde.Shakti Mahato as  Joint secretary and Cde. Achhyelal Thakur as Treasurer.

Similarly ,fifth convention of WHIN CG Agro Bara has been concluded electing eleven member committee under the Presidency of Cde.Laxmi Das.The convention elected Cde. Jitu Mahato as vice President,Cde.Umashanker mahato as Vice President ,Cde.Bijaya Chaudhary as Treasurer 

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