Investment on OHS is not just expenses: President Shrestha

General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) President Bonod Shrestha has said that “ it is necessary to aware employer that investment on occupational health and safety of employees is not just expenses of organisation.” He informed that GEFONT is going to form OHS committee in each enterprise throughout the country. 

Speaking in the inauguration of Occupational Health and Safely (OHS) Training organised by GEFONT, President Shrestha briefed that GEFONT has already given  OHS training to 1,200 members. Similarly, he directed each member of GEFONT to mobilise for the implementation of  Labor Act. President  further informed that OHS issues at workplace have played  vital role to untite different trade unions and work together. He recalled GEFONT and NTUC joint work on OHS issues.

During two-day training programme, GEFONT Vice President, Ramesh Badal, General Secretary Janak Chaudhary as well as OHS experts, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sah, Dr. Sunil Joshi and Yuvraj Bhatta facilitated the training.

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