GEFONT demands stern punishment for Rapist

GEFONT Mahotari, has demanded stern punishment for rapists and treatment of  21 Years old girl,  who was victim of gang rape.

Victim is  from Aurahi Village  Committee of Mahotari and is  member of GEFONT Affiliate National Beutician Union Nepal (NABUN). While returning home from her shop on 18 June, she was raped by gang of four youth around 7:30 pm. 

After the incident, local people succeed to catch one of the rapists Sunil Shah from Aurahi Village and now he is in police Custody. Beauticians from Mahotari as well as from different Regions have been protesting for justice to the victim and demanding stern action against Culprits as three rapists are not yet arrested.  Likewise, Beauticians of Kaski has organised protest rally and handed over the demand letter to Chief of District Committee.  

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