I am responsible Transport worker : ITWAN launches the campaign

Aiming to reduce the road accident and to make discipline and responsible Transport sector workers,ITWAN has launched the campaign “I am responsible Transport worker” by distributing the sticker with commitment .

They expressed the commitment –no alcohol during the driving,  no use of mobile while driving,  respect to elderly ,women and children,follow the travell rule

As a first phase of this campaign ,hundreds of leaders and workers including GEFONT vice President Cde. Jeetendra Shrestha,ITWAN President Cde.Bhimjwala Rai,vice Presidents Cde.Thakur ram Shrestha, Cde. Bishnu lama and Cde, Nawaraj jointly expressed the commitment publicly showing the play card with written”I am Responsible Transport Worker”organizing a gathering in Kalanki .

Under this campaign,various ITWAN local committee organised gathering in different places of Kathmandu,lalitpur ,bhaktapur and Kabhre districts

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