​MP Bina Shrestha demands to keep basic aspects of decent work at the centre

Speaking in the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament, Cde. Bina Shrestha, the Member of Parliament has suggested the labour related issues to be considered as priority issues in the upcoming Budget.

During the Pre Budget Discussion in the Parliament, Cde. Bina Shrestha extended gratitude to Minister of Finance Yuvaraj Khatiwada for including vital issues in the upcoming Budget. Meanwhile, she demanded for bringing working class to the mainstream and keep basic aspects of decent work at the centre  of development work to build the prosperous Nepal. She emphasised that all formal and informal workers must be covered by labour law and social security system.

She further  raised to address various labour issues- develop labour inspection system, end gender based discrimination, address the minimum wage increment, to put labour issues in the educational syllabus, count domestic work etc.

She emphasised that the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Government must initiate the policy of consumption local goods. She said that “the right to vote is fundamental rights, but the workers in various places of the country have not been able to exercise their fundamental rights.” Therefore, she asked for making arrangements of voting system for Nepali workers within and outside the country.


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