GEFONT Demands Immediate Implementation of Minimum Wage in Tea Plantation

Kathmandu, GEFONT has demanded to implement minimum wages without any condition in the tea plantation and tea processing industry by releasing press Communiqué.

Issuing the press communiqué on 7 April GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Janak Choudhary condemned that tea plantation employers are misusing the minimum wage issue as a part of fulfilling their inherent business interest of bargaining.

Press Communiqué further reads, after the involvement in all decision making process & consensus. Not completion of the inherent business interest, gave disgraceful attitude of employers toward the workers.In the Tripartite consensus, after the publishing on the Gazette of Nepal, no one has rights of rejection. GEFONT has urged to implement minimum wages as per agreement immediately without any compromise.

Employers of the tea plantation are following  the gestures of the unseen elements which were used to create confusion & creating the illusion that, due to the trade union there is no business environment in Nepal.GEFONT has urged employers to abandon such tendency. The dialogue only can resolve issue for the long term.

Meanwhile, tripartite committee which was formed to resolve the labour dispute in Hydro electric Butawal is not making decision in time, due to that workers are facing problem.Similarly, Big Media houses like Kantipur Publication are not following Labour Act & Journalist Act and still workers are deprived of minimum wages & facilities.

GEFONT has urged Employers to respect the law and implement minimum wages and to resolve labor disputes to create the good labor relations. 

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