New Labour Bill and Social Security Bill as the Milestone of Nepali Labour Market: GEFONT

GEFONT has Welcomed the Labour Act adopted by the Parliament on 11 August, 2017. Releasing a Press Communiqué GEFONT mentioned  that decade long issues raised by GEFONT have been addressed and expected that major  labour issues will be solved after the implementation of Acts.

A Press Communiqué reads “ Contribution based Social Security Bill and Labour Bill both  were  prepared with the consent of trade union, employers, and government representatives. The Legislature Parliament had adopted the Contribution based Social Security Bill on  24 July, 2017 and Labour Bill on 11 Agust 2017 which will be Milestone in the Labour Market.” GEFONT has demanded the Nepal Government for immediate approval of both Bills and start necessary procedures for implementation.

GEFONT has extended gratitude to the Members of Parliament and Political Parties in the Parliament for playing  vital role to pass the Bills. Likewise, GEFONT thanked Experts and different organisations who have supported to establish the Act.

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