Nepali Labor movement is worthy of pride; PM Oli

Kathmandu, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the constitution of Nepal is in favor of working class. The contribution of workers to the nation & for the trasformation has never gone waste. PM Oli has commended the workers contribution for political and social transformation. He said that the labor movement of Nepal has reached to be proud.

On the occasion of the 130th May Day the program organized by Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC) Chief guest Prime Minister Oli said “The government launched the Prime Minister’s Employment Programme in order to ensure that Nepali workers  would get jobs within the country”. He has claimed that the government is committed to create employment opportunities within the country so that the workers wouldn’t go abroad to earn living.
He said that the political parties of Nepal have much to learn about unity from Trade Unions & appreciated the joint work of the JTUCC. He further said workers showed a lot of achievement by working together, political parties also should learn from the workers unity.

He said that Nepal has prepared the investment friendly environment through the investment summit. Prime Minister Oli said that the workers should be able to work well & industry will get good working environment. Reaffirming that the government was aggressively moving ahead with solid plan and programs to increase productivity, PM Oli claimed, “The government is committed to regulation and streamlining the labour relations.”

Furthermore, the PM said that some demand of workers was still going & government is aware on that, the government is trying effective implementation of good things.

Addressing the program President of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), & the former Prime Minister Cde.  Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, Said no one in the world should be exploited & gap between rich and poor is still very wide. He further said “still we have class contradiction so that leaders have to make policy and program accordingly”.  The present government and CPN party are committed for prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalese.”

Speaking in the program, Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum & Health Minister Upendra Yadav, said that the workers have been playing a historical role in political movement and social transformation in Nepal, he further said that some of the challenges has been seen in implementation of   the existing laws. But   workers still did not have sufficient rights. the workers of the unorganized sector are facing more problems.

Addressing the program, Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista said that the government is committed to provide enough job opportunities in the country. The program is being set for guaranteeing employment of 150 days for 90 thousand people in the coming year & it will be announced through the budget of next year. The government is being result oriented.

Furthermore, Minister Bista recalled that in the past workers had to spend 8 hours working, 8 hours rest, and 8 hours for worrying but now government has been working to change that situation. For migrant workers government is trying to build an environment of decent employment within the country itself. 


Addressing the gathering, Vice Chairman of Nepali Congress, Bimalendra Nidhi recalled the government under the leadership of Nepali Congress which issued the Labor Act in 2048 and the Trade Union Act in 2049.He informed that the Nepali congress is in favor of workers since its establishment. He has urged to the government to formulate the Labour commission. He said that Napali Congress would play positive role to pass the Bill.

Likewise, speaking in the program, presidium member of Rastriya Janata Party Mr. Rajendra Mahato expressed his view of the country that can’t be developed until the development of the working class. He further said that workers have valuable contribution for the political and social transformation of Nepal.  

Speaking at the program, JTUCC President Cde. Binod  Shrestha said labor audit should be implemented strictly in 2076 BS. He further said “formulation of laws is not to decorate but to implement effectively.”

 President Shrestha said Trade Unions have set goal to register at least one million workers in Social Security fund within year 2076 & within 4 years, all workers in the country should be registered in Social Security Scheme.

Furthermore, President Shrestha said that some issues raised by labor sector still remained to address, formation of labor commission, and 10 percent labor representation in the state's elected bodies. As there is representation of ethnic & gender the government should not forget about the class representation.

In the program, Country director of ILO, Mr Richard Howard, said that, there were significant changes we can see in Nepal within 10 years. He said that the unity between the government, the employer and the trade union was good practice of Nepal which can be learning practice for other countries. Launching of Social Security program is very important for the working class. Social security program is not a burden for the employer so it should be implemented. 

Similarly, Vice President of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industries Mr.  Kishor  Pradhan Said “ in  most of the issue  employers and workers are in the same forum”.

He said that employers were aware that the Workers skill should be increased to increase productivity. While launching new program, Hesitancy of implementation is natural.   He further said that FNCCI has been informing its members on Social Security Scheme & Labour Act. He expressed belief that misconceptions in the law can be resolved through mutual discussion of the three parties.

Likewise, CNI Chairman Mr Satish Kumar Mor, said that all the doubt should be cleared to implement social security scheme. He further said that employer and workers are two part of the coin & both parties in Nepal have similar thinking.
Earlier, on the occasion of the May Day, Nine Trade Union Centers including GEFONT have organized rallies.  Rallies would be emanated from various places of the capital city and reach the Bhrikutimandap for a program.

May Day has been celebrated grandly throughout the country.

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